Amy Winehouse And Her Incredible Tattoo

Amy Winehouse And Her Incredible Tattoo

Amy Winehouse, the 27-year-old English pop star, was found dead at her home in London today.
The "Rehab" singer was known for her soulful throwback voice and her incredible stage presence.

Amy Winehouse is known for her bluesy voice, her wild behavior and a baker's dozen of tattoos. A lot of her ink is "old school" in flavor, being colored and styled more like tattoos from the mid-20th century.

Like many artists, Amy was a rebel in her own right, an artist who wasn't afraid to express herself on any level. For instance, Amy has a tattoo on her right arm scripted with the name Cynthia. When Amy was a little girl, her grandmother encouraged her singing aspirations. So when Amy was nine years old, her grandmother, Cynthia, suggested she attend the Susi Earns haw Theatre School.

Her arms sport most of her tattoos. If you look at pictures, you'll find a lucky horseshoe, a lightning bolt, a feather and a gaggle of pin-up girls. Some of those tattooed ladies are dressed and some are not. The British tabloids like to say she's tattooed like a sailor. However, her choice of designs that look more like they are from the 1950s or 1960s is actually part of a trend right now in tattooing. This style of skin art also goes well with her look and musical style which both harkens back to the 60s.

Amy Winehouse Tattoo Coverup
Amy Winehouse Tattoos

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