Icon Tattoo Design

The Swiss Army Knife, The Different Drummer, The Laser, The Examiner

The Trailblazer, The Rock, The Scrutinizer, The Super Sleuth

The Anchor, The Dynamo, The Calculator, The Director

The Impulse Planner, The Igniter, The Free Verse Poet, The Brainstorm

The Free Spirit, The Enrepreneur, The Lone Ranger, The Charger

The Trendsetter, The Clicker, The Power Tool, The Designer

The Workhorse, The Connoisseur, The Algorithmist, The Explorer

The Paradox, Pablo Picasso, The Analyst, The Well-oiled Machine

Tried and True, The Drum Machine, The Eye of the Storm, The Scientist

The Chief Executive, The Soloist, The Giver, The Go Getter

The Decider, The Ghost Writer, The Host, The Bullet Train

The Architect, The Cool Cat, The Loyalist, The Team Player

The Private Investigator, The Detailer, The Connector, True Blue

The Producer, The Chess Player, The Maverick, The Microwave

The Sparkler, The Pillar of Strength, The Shelter, The Painter's Palette 

Source : www.behance.net/gallery/TidePool/10655495

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